Interested in helping WikyBlog improve?

The easiest way to get started would be to create a plugin for your installation of WikyBlog.

If you're not a programmer, we could still use your help in these areas.

  • Designing (HTML, CSS)
  • Translating
  • Testing
  • Documenting

Programming and Testing

If you'd like to help us out with either of these, you'll need to download and install WikyBlog on your computer then contact me through sourceforge.net. You may also be interested in reading about what is currently under development.

Designing, Translating and Documenting

You may accomplish any of these tasks without installing WikyBlog or going through sourceforge. Designing and documenting may be done here at WikyBlog.com whereas for translating can be done at PTrans.WikyBlog.com.

See Also

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