WikyBlog started as an open source project in September of 2005 with the idea that users should be able to edit wiki files and see the formatted results within the same browser window. It was the beginnings of WikyBlog's unique AJAX enhanced tabbed interface and maintained a simple human readable wiki syntax providing users with the best features of the standard wiki application and WYSIWYG editors.

Data Flexibility

From day one, expandability was an integral design concern of WikyBlog. Drawing from the successes of object oriented concepts, custom data types can easily be created that automatically inherit the revision history, discussion and user permission features of the standard wiki data type.

Continued Tradition

In the tradition of many well known applications, WikyBlog was created with PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL to make sure it would be forever free to use. And never having been an attempt to reinvent the wheel, the implemented wiki syntax and a number of features were inspired by MediaWiki. Years of development and collaboration have resulted in a stable and dynamic application.

More About WikyBlog

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