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WikyBlog 1.7.2 Released

FileModified: 2 Aug 2010, 07:23Created: 7 Apr 2009, 01:14

Version 1.7.2 of WikyBlog was just released.

Changes to version 1.7.2 of WikyBlog include the addition of a collapsible table template and a 'continue editing' link for previews. Themes have been streamlined to use a single... css file and some minor bugfixes have been made..

Yes, but the only problem is the numberous functions don't properly working: from to block editing to non-registered users up to restoring the database from a backup file or GoogleBot replacing versions or even deleting files... You need some work over that.

WikyBlog 1.7.1

FileModified: 21 Dec 2009, 20:50Created: 15 Dec 2008, 16:53

After a couple months and a few release candidates, WikyBlog 1.7.1 has now been released. No major changes were made since RC2 and the bugs that were reported have been fixed.


WikyBlog 1.7.1RC1

FileModified: 26 Oct 2008, 00:28Created: 10 Sept 2008, 11:43

Another step closer to WikyBlog 1..7.1, the first release candidate builds on the advancements made in the previous beta releases. Changes specific to the release candidate include renaming comments along with files and bugfixes.

Gallery Plugin Updated

FileModified: 1 Aug 2008, 22:51Created: 1 Aug 2008, 22:42

The gallery plugin was updated today. The newest version of the plugin maximizes the browser window space for gallery images by placing the thumbnails and control buttons on the side of the window. We've also added larger control buttons, placed the image captions along side the images and improved image preloading.

Here's an example gallery of a recent climbing trip I went on.

Developing Section Editing

FileModified: 3 Nov 2010, 16:08Created: 17 Jul 2008, 22:44

Section editing is a popular feature on other blogging platforms that hasn't quite made it into WikyBlog's feature set for various reasons. It's a feature I'm a big fan of, that is except for the addition of edit links at every heading. So, after some testing and playing around, I've come up with a way to accomplish section editing without all the annoying edit links.

This new feature is currently in testing, and initial tests on Firefox and Explorer are promising, it won't be available until it has been fully tested.

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