WikyBlog has been designed to efficiently handle multiple data types and is currently packaged with 6: Page, Comment, Map, Help, Template and Skeleton. In time, we hope to have a collection of other data types available for download here.

For those interested in developing new data types, take a look at the Skeleton data type in the /plugins directory of your WikyBlog installation. You can install the Skeleton data type via the Control Panel.

Available Plugins

Name About Download
PapyrusBB Adds forums to the WikyBlog platform PapyrusBB.com
Gallery Allows users to collaborate on galleries (slideshows) using drag/drop editing. tar.gz


UserList Allows anyone to browse a list of registered users tar.gz


Development Used to create the distribution packages of Wikyblog tar.gz


Email Admin Adds a form to allow email administrators without exposing email addresses. tar.gz


Site Specific Plugins

Name About Download
Gaboons.com The plugins used to create Gaboons.com tar.gz


Custom Plugins

Administrators can create custom plugins directly from their installations of WikyBlog. The Custom Data Type, Directory and the Keyword Spaces tools found in the Administrator's Control Panel can each be used to create custom plugins directly from your installation of WikyBlog.

Plugin API

Find out more about plugin development with the API. All you need is an installation of WikyBlog and a moderate understanding of PHP.

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