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WikyBlog began as an attempt to combine the features of wikis and blogs into a single efficient application. We took collaborative editing and revision history, mixed it with journal styled organization and threaded comments then added our own touch with an AJAX enhanced interface and Google Maps support. After all was said and done, we've ended up with an application that stands out from the others.

Here's a quick look at some of the features that make WikyBlog stand out.

File Revisions

Write, edit, undo, edit, write... It's the wiki way. Each revision of every page, comment, theme, map or other data type is saved. Letting others edit your files in true wiki style opens up the doors for collaboration and greater accomplishments.

AJAX Interface

Similar to the Firefox browser and Explorer 7, WikyBlog is by default a tabbed interface that allows users to open multiple files in one browser window. Our tabbed interface improves the user experience by decreasing the amount of content downloaded with each page request and by managing the number of opened tabs based on each user's preference (requires login). Read more...

Prepackaged Themes

Choosing a different look is easy with the Package Themes. These themes are included with each installation and can easily be copied and modified to give your site a custom look and feel.

Custom Themes

In addition to editing the CSS of the prepackaged themes, you can edit the HTML providing you with complete control over your bliki's display. For us XHTML validity geeks, themes are checked by an XML parser before saves are made where simple errors are fixed and significant errors are prevented.

Structured Wiki

From the beginning, WikyBlog was designed to handle multiple "data types" (for example normal wiki pages and maps) and now WikyBlog is even more versatile. Administrators can easily create their own data types using the "Create Plugin" tool accessible via the Control Panel.

Incorporated Google Maps

Google Maps have been fully integrated into the WikyBlog software allowing users a unique collaboration opportunity. Maps are edited with WYSIWYG and revisions are preserved the same way multiple revisions are available with normal wiki pages.

More Features

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