Poptropica.pngIf you are new to poptropica and you are playing the early poptropica island, you may be interested in this minor poptropica walkthrough of the game that will tell you how get specific items to help you along.

Upon starting poptropica you will first have to walk all the way to your right; there you should see some guys you must talk to all of them, they will at some point ask you for a water bucket.

This little bit of poptropica help is the procedure to getting the water bucket. For more info you can go to the poptropica secrets website.

To get the water bucket you must first go back to the area where you had spoken to the guys that requested it. Walk towards the well and go down into it, then collect the glow stick on the top left side of the well. Get out of there and go back to the main street, then descend into the sewer again to the spider’s home, now go to the spider hole and go to the extreme left, enter the dark place, bare in mind that if you do not have a glow stick, you cannot get there. Once you’ve done so, continue walking until a rope is seen , climb up that rope and turn right, there you will see some more ropes, but don’t climb up the first one climb up the second rope that you see. After which you should go left then climb up the other rope, when the words “getting warmer” appears, go left and you will see a golden egg. Whenever you see the egg collect it and get back to the spider, then return to Main Street. When you have reached back go to the poptropica towers, head for the rooftop restraint and climb the vine. Now speak with the giant and give him the golden egg, and pass him to collect the water bucket.

Here is another poptropica secret that tells you how to get the jet pack and the flag; Go to the garden that belongs to the giant and then visit the aircraft graveyard. Once you have arrived at the graveyard you will find a jet pack at the end. Return to Main Street and put on your jet pack then use your jet pack to retrieve the flag that is located on top of the water tower. When you have completed this, give the items to the guys from the beginning of poptropica and you will a medal.

If you need additional poptropica help, you can get other poptropica secrets and cheats online, and poptropica walkthroughs for all the island quests and missions. Just visit the poptropica secrets website

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