5 Key Scientific Studies On Herbal Products

Many of those who discourage the use of herbal products always mention the lack of scientific evidence. However, even if the manufacturers themselves do not test their products, independent scientists have been curious about how healthy is the herbal life after all. These independent scientific studies are more reliable, after all, since they don’t have any conflict of interest whether the results are positive or negative.

Some herbal supplements have adverse effects when taken simultaneously with medicine. The one chief example would be Panax ginseng. When combined with warfarin, phenelzine and alcohol there are effects such as headaches, sleep disorders and indigestion.

However, the study saw that only herbal supplements that have Panax ginseng as the main ingredient cause these adverse effects while if only the ginseng was ingested, there would be no adverse effects. Herbal life products are quite careful in including all the ingredients in their products. Read the product labels carefully in order to protect yourself from adverse effects.

Guggul, fenugreek, red yeast rice and artichoke have been proven to reduce cholesterol by 10 to 33%! This was conducted in a clinical trial. Today, scientists are trying to look for the exact characteristics of these herbs in order to develop them into some medicine that can solve hypercholesterolemia.

Do not be surprised by this because many of the over the counter products that populate our drug stores and medicine cabinets come from plants! What they do is they extract the needed components from herbs and once isolated, they make products out of it in precise measurements.

The only advantage of medicine is that they undergo clinical trials before they are sold in the market. Herbal life products may not have undergone clinical trial beforehand but that is because these products do not promise to be the cure-all of everything. They are only supplements. As such, they are not mandated by law to provide proof of their effectiveness because they legally cannot promise claims in fixing your sickness.

Two different studies were conducted on feverfew and black cohosh respectively. They have discovered that both herbs only have mild adverse effects. These mild effects are reversible and curable. On the positive side, the studies have revealed that these two herbs are actually quite effective when it comes to curing afflictions, they are still quite effective. Feverfew is currently being considered as a cure against migraines.

Herbalife products are also measured out precisely and only the best is retained in the Herbalife diet supplements. These herbal supplements are already manufactured, as such; they have been screened for quality control and the like. It has been said that it is possible to overdose on herbal treatments.

This is quite true, especially when it comes to products like the herbal tea concentrate. As a concentrate, a little goes a long way already. If you are not careful, it will taste very bitter and you may think it’s the product. You should always look at the label and the instructions that the manufacturer provides. These are very important especially when it comes to your health.

Pros Of The Herbal Life

Before you even begin to think about making that life-changing switch to going herbal, you should first know what herbal products are.

Herbals are subsumed under the tag name of botanicals. Products that are made of botanicals or herbals are clinically known as phytomedicine. There are many different kinds of these phytomedicine. Now, before you can start thinking about using herbals as your Herbalife Diet supplement, you should know that there are some qualifications before a product can be considered as such.

• It should be labeled as a dietary supplement. Well, the bottle should be properly labeled. If you’re only beginning, it wouldn’t hurt to check the label and know what it is that you are buying! All herbalife products are properly labeled so you don’t have to worry that you’re buying something that isn’t right for you.

• It should contain one or more dietary ingredients. These dietary ingredients can be vitamins, amino acids, minerals, other herbs. Meaning, your herbal supplement can only be called that if it has these ingredients.

• It should be taken through the mouth. These dietary supplements can take the form of pills, capsules or even syrup. If they ought to be taken in a different way like through injection, then they are strictly NOT dietary supplements.

• It is intended to supplement the diet. This means that your herbal supplement is not a replacement for food. You should still continue your healthy diet as you take your herbal supplements.

COST. Herbal supplements are much less expensive than medicine. Imagine, buying a bottle of aspirin for headaches and compare that with buying a whole pack of herbal tea or a bottle of herbal tea concentrate. The problem of headaches is that of stress which manifests itself through an aching head. However, if you really want to take away stress, you should try relaxing. Take a break by fixing yourself a cup of tea. Since you’ll be sipping your hot tea slowly, you get to relax yourself.

ACCESSIBILITY. The truth is, the herbal supplements are really much more accessible since you don’t need any prescription from your doctor. Also, herbal supplements can be sold in grocery stores. You don’t need to look for a drug store in order to purchase your herbal fix. The herbal life products need not be difficult nor expensive to attain.

It’s true that the lack of scientific proof is a huge mark against the use of herbal products. However, when you will take a look at testimonials of people who have been living the herbal life, you know that despite the lack of scientific proof, it works for some people.

When you think about it, what is really needed is a balance of caution and belief. For any endeavor, whether it’s a special diet that you want to practice, you never really know if it will give you great results. All you have to do is to be cautious, try not to push yourself too hard and be optimistic that a positive change will happen to you.

Get To Know Your Herbs

Are ALL herbs really good for you? This is the most important question that rages in the minds of people who are planning to change their lifestyles. Are the stories of the miracles of herbal remedies really true or are they just hoaxes designed to milk people of their money? Well, as long as you don’t start to overdose on any herbal tea concentrate, then you will be pretty safe.

However, since it doesn’t really hurt to arm yourself with information, stick around and you’ll learn about the harms and benefits that herbs can cause your body. After all, you had better be discerning of what herbal products are available. Start your herbal life right!

5 Advantages of going HERBAL 1. COST—Herbal remedies are actually cheaper than medicine. Tea is normally cheaper in coffee shops than coffee.

2. ACCESSIBILITY— some medicines require prescription while herbal remedies can be easily bought. However, you will still need to consult your doctor to see if your body will not have any adverse reaction to the herbal life products that you will be using.

3. EFFECTIVITY—The reason why many people turn to the herbal alternative is because traditional medicine is simply not effective. When you have a headache, sometimes taking an aspirin is not enough but relaxing with a hot cup of tea is a sure fix.

4. ALL-NATURAL—The problem with traditional medicine is that they are synthetic chemicals. Even that of the vitamin supplements that you get. Because of this, your body can become overly saturated with these chemicals.

5. BALANCE—Being healthy is all about balance. Your diet of processed foods and sugars can be counterbalanced by everyday doses of Herbalife products.

Things to avoid Having talked about the advantages of going all natural, there will always be a downside to something good. The danger of overdosing on things will always been present even during the time that herbs were used as medicine. So what you want to practice is moderation. This will allow you to get the most from what you take in.

However, there are some substances that you should really avoid at all costs. Some herbs are poisonous, so you would do well to avoid the following: * Akebia * Aristolochia * Asarum * Belladonna * Bloodroot (internally) * Digitalis * Stephania * Tansy * Virginia snakeroot

Most of these things are generally not part of the recipe for herbal dietary supplements. However, it will never hurt to avoid these herbs. These herbs are highly toxic. No amount of them should enter your digestive system. Simply put, not all herbs are good for you. So be informed that there are some natural things that are no good. If you’ll start that herballife, it’s best to start it right!

Choosing Herbal Life Diet Products

When you want to lose and keep the weight off forever you may want to find out more about some of the best types of diet products available. There are literally hundreds of product choices so it can be difficult for you to choose. It is important to pick diet products such as Herbalife products that are created specifically to help you lose weight while maintaining good health at the same time.

The main thing to keep in mind when looking for diet products is to find safe and effective products. Stay away from fad diets that promise quick weight loss but don't give you any nutrients to help your body cope with fewer calories. The result can be devastating to the body and they usually aren't successful. Instead choose products that have your health in mind. Read testimonials from others who have already used the products with success. Herbalife products are created to help you lose weight while maintaining your good health.

Another thing to think about when you look for diet products is how easy they will be to use. Most people don't want to fuss with products that are difficult to use. Remember that you may want to take the products along with you to work or as you travel and you want something that is simple to use. Herbalife products come in specially pre-packaged program kits that include everything that you need for your entire week or month.Herbalife products come complete with your specific diet plan in mind.

When you are dieting you need to keep your mind off of food. You can't go around hungry all day or the diet will simply fail. You need to find a nutritious balanced program that takes away your hunger so you'll be less apt to snack or binge. A major reason for hunger is lack of protein. Many diet products that don't contain protein just don't sustain that full feeling and you will stay hungry the whole time. The body needs protein in order to function. A lack of protein in the system can be harmful and you won't have enough energy to do your daily routine let alone add any exercise to your program.

Herbalife products provide you with the protein that the body needs to stay healthy. Protein helps give the stomach a full feeling and so the lack of it in most diet products means that you're going to be hungry even after eating. You need to use products such as Herbalife products that will give you the protein you need to keep a feeling of fullness. Not only that but Herbalife products go one step further by giving you the exact levels of protein that your body needs.

Herbalife products are some of the best diet products on the market today.The Herbalife products are designed not only to help you lose weight but to stay healthy while doing so. Herbalife products have specially formulated vitamins and nutrients that will help you stay healthy while on a diet. You can also choose Herbalife products that will help you maintain your new weight once you've gotten to your perfect size. Herbalife products come in specially created kits that contain everything you need so you can keep the guesswork out of your dieting plan and at the same time know that you'll stay healthy.

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Herbal Diet Products

If you are thinking about beginning a new diet you will need to find out more about diets including herbal diet products. Herbal diet products like Herbalife are usually manufactured with natural ingredients, which make them quite safe as well as useful. Pick between the various types of diet regimes that you can make personal. Add as much protein as your body needs. Protein is important to your daily intake since it gives you energy as well as helps to give you a full feeling. When you don't get enough protein you can suffer health problems, some of which can be long-term.

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