A Structured Wiki

At WikyBlog, we believe in wikis and are certain their role on the web will continue to grow and evolve. Since improved wiki software design and the continued development of high quality wiki sites are integral to this evolution, we are pursuing alternatives to the norm.

The Norm

Currently, the most popular wiki applications allow file editing via a single textarea. Tagging or categorization varies from system to system but is generally accomplished through proprietary wiki syntax.

WikyBlog Approach

The standard wiki file available with WikyBlog isn't much different. You'll have the large textarea filled with ==, [[ and '' but you'll also see the "Tags" option right above the "Edit Summary" field. It's a simple modification, but allows even the most inexperienced users to begin organizing their wiki without sifting through documentation or help files.

The next step we took was to provide the ability to create different data types with arrangements of fields and variable types. While limited to site administrators, this option can be used to create structured areas on a site in addition to the standard wiki files. An example of this option can be seen in action at Gaboons.com where an "Event" data type was created.

More Than Just Data Types

The ability to create structured data types is one thing, but then what? What happens to that structure? With WikyBlog, you can then create directories on top of your data types by choosing the levels for your directory from your data type's variables. Two directories were created at Gaboons.com, the first for upcoming events and the other for past events.


Development of WikyBlog is moving at a fast pace and new releases are made frequently. Our current focuses are the data type and directory features, but we will also be putting time into the general look, feel and performance of our software... so stay tuned...

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